Tribal Judicial System

Tribal Court Location

110 First Street, Suite B
Smith River, CA 95567
Phone:  707-487-6425
Fax:  888-468-8221

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm

Tribal Judicial System Overview

Having an effective judicial system is a critical component of Tribal sovereignty. This Court works hard to enhance Tribal sovereignty through the development of culturally appropriate laws and by exercising Tribal jurisdiction. The Court hears cases on a wide variety of topics including cases involving child welfare and guardianship's. Dispute resolution in the Tribal Court is culturally appropriate, informal and non-adversarial as possible.


Tribal Empowerment Through Effective Administration of Equal Justice For All.


Serve Tribal Citizens needs by improving the welfare of our community. Enhancing Tribal Sovereignty through development of culturally appropriate laws and exercise of tribal jurisdiction.


  • Creating “bench guides” for child welfare cases
  • Developing juvenile wellness court
  • Conducting court evaluation to improve access to justice and see what tribal citizens would like from the court.
  • Create a Judicial Oversight Committee (JOC)
  • Find a home (building) for the court that is more suitable for the growth and needs of the court.


  • Tribal Court Improvement Program
  • Juvenile Wellness Court
  • Mediation Program
  • Self Help Desk


Tribal Judicial System Staff

Devon White

Tribal Court Administrator

707-487-6425 Email

Elsie Petrie

Tribal Courtroom Clerk

707-487-6425 ext. 1162

Felicity Lopez

Tribal Court Clerk

707-487-6425 ext. 1160