Tribal Gaming Commission

The Tribal Gaming Commission has the responsibility of licensing and enforcement for the compliance of all Federal, State and Tribal Gaming Laws and Regulations. Pursuant to Section 7 of the Tribal-State Compact, the Tribal Gaming Commission has the recognized on-site enforcement authority to enforce compliance with regulatory requirements of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, (IGRA), the Tribal-State Compact, and the Trib-al Gaming Ordinance and Regulations. The California Division of Gambling Control is allowed to monitor tribal regulatory efforts and point out areas of possible deficiencies.

The sole purpose of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Surveillance Department, is to detect any procedural errors, potential cheating, or suspicious activity that may be a threat to the tribe, and enforces all policies and proce-dures. Utilizing the state of the art, surveillance equipment (Dallmeier) for extended periods of time to en-sure accurate video documentation, with regard to irregularities or deviations from normal activities in all areas of responsibility. The Surveillance Department monitors all Lucky 7 Casino property and some Tolowa Dee-ni Nation properties on a continuous basis to ensure compete coverage. Surveillance remains alert to any suspicious activity and communities such to direct report and/or other designed person. Due to the Sur-veillance Departments reviews from June through December 2016, the overall amount of money that was found and given back to Lucky 7 Casino patrons was $1,522.44.

Gaming on the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation provides economic development opportunities and a source of reve-nue for the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and its members that are needed to promote economic self-sufficiency, employment, job training, Tribal Government, and to fund and ensure essential social programs and services; and It is in the best interest of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and its members to regulate and control gaming in a manner that will protect the environment, the Tribe, its members and persons living or passing through the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation

  • Bureau of Gambling Control Compact Compliance On-Site Visit-No findings
  • National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS)
  • Background Investigations-No Findings
  • Surveillance Department-No Findings
  • External Audit-Minor Recommendations

TGA Office Location

350 North Indian Road
Smith River, CA 95567

TGA Staff

Laura Valley

Gaming Commission Director

Jennifer Silva

Surveillance Supervisor/Alternate Gaming Commissioner

Sheila Mitani

Gaming Commissioner

Alvin (Gerry) Tripp

Gaming Commissioner