Denise Padgette

Chairperson Term 2017-2020

(707) 218-7719
Denise is the daughter of Frank & Lestie Norris Richards, the granddaughter of John & Ada Lopez Richards, the great-granddaughter of Ed & Ida Richards and Sam & Amanda Daley-Lopez. She is of Tolowa, Chetco, Tututni, Hupa, and Yurok descent. Denise retired as the Regional Director of United Indian Health Services after 31 years. Her focus on Council includes the advancement of quality health care and equitable access, the protection of cultural and natural resources, and the diversification of the Tribe’s revenues sources through economic development. Denise was first elected to the Tribal Council in 1988. She has served as the Vice-Chair for the last ten years.

Lhetlh-xat-ne (Tribal Council)

The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation is led by a Lhetlh-xat-ne (Tribal Council) – comprised of seven tribal members who have been elected by the general membership. Tribal Council members are: Denise Richards-Padgette, Chairperson; Jeri Thompson, Vice Chairperson; Leann McCallum, Secretary; Cari Nelson, Treasurer; Marvin Richards Sr, Kara Brundin-Miller and Dr. Joseph Giovannetti Council members.

Lhetlh-xat-ne (Tribal Council) MEETINGS

All tribal members are encouraged to participate in the governing process by attending the Tribe’s General Council meetings held the second and fourth Thursday evening of each month at the Xaa‐wan’‐k’wvt Hall Community CenterDinner served at 5:00pm, meeting at 5:30pm

Meeting minutes are available to Tribal Members here
Upcoming meeting agendas here

Jeri Lynn Thompson

Vice Chairperson Term 2018-2021

(707) 951-3875
Jeri is the daughter of Dorothy Cate (Payne) and descendent of Sarah Payne (Channon) who was the daughter of Cha-met. Her focus is Indian Child welfare, Housing, tribal rights and protection, and the diversification of tribal resources through Economic Development and federal partnerships. Jeri's approach to tribal governance is solution based and has focused on identifying solutions to advance the Tribe for the betterment of the Citizens. Jeri was first elected to Tribal Council in 2015.

Cari Nelson

Treasurer Term 2018-2021

Kara Brundin-Miller

Council Member Term 2017-2020

(707) 954-4973
Kara is the daughter of Thomas Brundin and the granddaughter of Laura Scott and Thomas Brundin. Kara was mentored by her Grandma Laura, Aunt Betty Green, and Sam Lopez learning the traditional values of Tolowa culture and lifeways. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Education and a teaching credential from Humboldt State University. She has been married for 43 years and has two children, and seven grandchildren who she has raised in Smith River. She brings a strong business sense to the Tribal Council as she is a joint owner of a private farming company in the Smith River Valley. Kara’s focus on Council has been to grow the Tribe’s economy while safeguarding the Tribe’s assets to provide quality tribal member services to all citizens. Kara was first elected to Council in 2000 and served until 2016, 14 of those years as the Chair. She was re-elected in 2017to serve an additional three year term.

Leann McCallum

Secretary Term 2019-2022

(707) 954-8319
Leann is the daughter of Sandra Jordan, granddaughter of Patricia Lopez and Robert Jordan, great granddaughter of Edward Lopez Sr. and Lena Lopez, and a descendant of Lucy and Chetco Dick. Leann previously served her tribal community working for Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation’s Community and Family Services, and is an advocate for clear communication, and giving back to her community. Her focus is on providing access to programs offered through the Nation. Leann was first elected to Tribal Council in 2016.

Marvin Richards Sr.

Council Member Term 2017-2020

(707) 951-6730
Marvin is the son of Allen Richards, Sr. and Darlene Hostler-Richards, a descendent of Edward and Alice Richards, and is from the village of xaa-wan’-k’wvt. Marvin sings, dances, makes regalia, hunts, fishes, and makes fishnets. Marvin is a Tolowa Dee-ni' language speaker and gained his cultural knowledge from tribal elders including Gobel Richards, Sam Lopez, Amelia Brown, Bernice Humphrey, Walter Richards, Sr., Frank Moorehead, and Fred Moorehead. Marvin is an advocate of tribal hunting and fishing rights and the betterment of tribal citizen's quality of life. Marvin was first elected to Tribal Council in 2014 and is serving his second three year term.

Dr. Joseph Giovannetti

Council Member Term 2019-2022

(707) 218-6569
Joseph is the son of Mercedes Jean Whipple and grandson of Delmar John Whipple and Evelyn Viola Baird. Dr. Giovannetti is a tribal psychologist ethno historian and a professor of Native American Studies. Joseph has been a professor of Native Studies at Humboldt State University for more than 24 years. He holds a PhD. in Psychology from Sierra University. He is a trustee for the California Tribal College in Woodland, California which opens fall 2018. Joseph and his wife Carla are parents to two tribal citizens: Grant Giovannetii and Stephanie Kasinger. They have eight grandchildren. Joseph is an active singer in the Tolowa language and mentor of culture and philosophy. Joseph was first elected to Tribal Council in 2007.

Waa-saa-ghitlh-'a~ Wee-ni Naa-ch'aa-ghitlh-ni

Our Heritage Is Why We Are Strong