This application is for apple products that can be accessed through the apple store as a free download to your iPod, iPhone, iPad or iMac.


This application enhances and offers a 1000 entry foundation and is useful for the beginner to the advanced learner. This application offers comprehensive and well-rounded language that exposes the learner to language for everyday living; language that can enhance your daily settings. We are honored to be able to offer this tool and hope that you too will find it rewarding and useful.

We'd like to acknowledge all of the Tribal citizens & staff that participated in this effort, Shu’ ‘aa-shii nin-la goes out to Luanna Scott, Sheryl Steinruck, Loren Me’-lash-ne Bommelyn, Bronson Zane Richards, Alicia Fender, Chuski Scott, Seaira Brundin, Cynthia Ford, Tsinte’ Steinruck, Hune’ Bommelyn, San-t’as Bommelyn, Akdiine Steinruck, Chanda Jones-Woodman, Jaytuk Steinruck, Edwin Richards, Suntayea Steinruck, William Richards, Ruby Tuttle, Frank Richards, Devon O’Reilley, Markus Parras, Charlie Brundin, Kai Baugh, Stella Salmans, Gregory Blodgett Jr., Gregory Blodgett Sr., Amanda Nii-pash O’Connell, Guylish Bommelyn, Conrad Husted, Armando Lopez, Courtney Criteser, Rowan Criteser-Israel, Gaylene Mendiola, Laura Miller, Briannon Fraley, Joy Lara, Nants’vn Scott & Teexeeshe’ Scott.

This application is made possible by funding secured through the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) that supports language maintenance and revitalization around the nation. We want to thank the Smith River Rancheria, Administration for Native Americans (ANA), and those tribal citizens who helped make our new language tool a reality! This new tool is made available to you by those who committed a week of their time to come and participate in the development of the curricula pieces that make up the application. Much time and effort from the Dee-ni’ Wee-ya’ Xwee-nish staff has provided a well-developed tool in efforts to reverse the loss of using our language. We are rebuilding and strengthening our-selves through an intention to remain a living, viable culturally-minded people.