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Repatriation of “sacred” items

Friday, 13 April 2018 by

Congratulations NAGPRA Committee and staff on the tribes first successful repatriation of “sacred” items. These items have been returned home after more than 100 years!!!


We would like to offer our gratitude to the TDN Tribal Council for their consideration and approval of our resolutions acknowledging April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Please join Shu’-‘aa-xuu-dvn in several events throughout the month in support of our TDN community.

Thank you for you continued work towards ending violence and healing  our community.

Constance Athayde
Program Manager, Shu’-‘Aa-Xuu-Dvn (In A Good Way Place)
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program

Resolution 18-11 Child Abuse Prevention Month April 2018–SIGNED

Resolution 18-12 Sexual Assault Awareness Month April 2018-SIGNED



Wednesday, 04 April 2018 by

Our Marine Program, Si~s-xa Netlh-‘i~, was recently contacted by KCET–a PBS affiliate out of Los Angeles–to be featured in a
series  called “Tending Nature” that will highlight Native environmental knowledge and practices and how this knowledge can  help us rethink our relationship to the environment and help us re-imagine how to deal with pressing environmental issues relevant to people beyond Native communities. At its core, the series aims to show the growing dialogue between Native peoples and all Californians about the environmental issues that affect us all.

To understand how we can recover this human relationship to our oceans and coast, Episode 1 will feature how the Tolowa Dee-ni’ are working to revitalize traditional knowledge of intertidal ecosystems and use this knowledge to inform how Marine Protected Areas are regulated and how Tribal laws are created, plus how stewardship practices are passed down from generation to generation. Filming occurred February 25th–28th, complete with a wrap party, full of delicious traditional foods, songs and games.

The season will launch with four 30-minute episodes. Articles and shorter video content will also be created for KCET’s website and social media channels. Once we get a release date for the episode, which will be sometime in October, we will let you know and they will also be sending us DVDs of our episode for our own use.

Shu’ shaa nin-la to all those that participated and helped make this happen! We are very proud of our Si~s-xa Netlh-‘i~ staff who have worked so hard on these projects for the betterment of Tolowa Dee-ni’ marine resources. We all looking forward to seeing the final cut!



Monday, 02 April 2018 by

Another year, another successful derby!
It’s that time again – February 22-24 was the 36th Annual Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery Steelhead Derby! We had a great weekend with a ton of activity including; fishing, raffles, an auction, lots of great food and drinks, and a great presentation from the Nor Cal guides and sportsman association in which they presented a $1,500 donation to the hatchery. The weather wasn’t ideal, but overall it was a wonderful weekend and the fundraising was a great success. The exact numbers aren’t in yet, but the derby raised around $50,000 and that money will go towards the continued operation of the hatchery for the next year.

Congrats to the winners! In first place we had team 19 Kathy Figas, Linda Sundberg and their guide Mick Thomas. Bob Figas, Garth Sundberg and their guide Phil Desautels. They caught 6 fish for a total of 170 inches. In Second place we had team 10. Chuck Howard, Darin Bradbury and their guide Rye Philips. Chris Howard, Tom Bessett and their guide Frank Duarte. They caught 5 fish for a total of 130 inches. In third place we had team 2. Eric Sherwood, Kevin Lee and their guide Gary Early. Doug Huckfeldt, Jerry Sax and their guide Jason James. They caught 4 fish for 109 inches. The top rod (the most fish caught by a single angler) went to Jerry Sax and guide Jason James, catching 3 fish totaling 87 inches. The biggest fish went to angler Marc Scarr and his guide Chris Griffin with a 38 inch Chetco river steelhead. A total of 34 fish were caught, 17 on the Smith and 17 on the Chetco, with a grand total of 950 inches. Thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, guides, staff, sponsors, Amber Allison Photography, and the coordinator for another great derby! Until next year!

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