Download 4.14.2020_Tribal Clean-up Postponed

In response to COVID-19 and efforts to maintain the health and safety of Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation’s citizens and employees, the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation has postponed the Tribal Spring Clean-up event scheduled for April 23rd and April 25th. The clean-up event will be re-scheduled after the Tribe lifts
its emergency declaration that was enacted under Resolution 2020-19.

If Tribal citizens require information about recycling or solid waste disposal resources you may contact the Natural Resources Department staff:

Cynthia Ford, Habitat and Wildlife Manager (707) 487-9255 x 1701
Elena Sisneros, Tribal Resources Specialist (707) 487-9255 x 1154

Date: April 10, 2020
Contact: Briannon Fraley, Public Information Officer at (707) 487-9255 

Download Press Release_COVID19_WRCF award_4.10.20

Smith River, CA – The Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation’s Incident Management Team (IMT) is actively assessing the local needs of Tribal Members during this crisis and seeking additional assistance to Tribal Member households. The Tribe has been awarded $26, 835 from the Wild Rivers Community Foundation COVID-19 Regional Response Fund to deliver essentials to all Tribal Member families living in Del Norte and Curry Counties.

The Tribe provides services to over 700 tribal citizens and their families in these two counties. Given the stay at home order, we are checking in with our Tribal Citizens and working to provide regional services based on unmet needs in the following categories: Food, Shelter & Safety; Financial & Occupational; Mental & Physical and Emotional & Spiritual.

“The overwhelming issue our Tribal Citizens are experiencing is a lack of access to food, household items, and PPE,” said Dorothy Wait, the IMT’s Services Chief.

Based on this need, the IMT applied to the Wild Rivers Community Foundation COVID-19 Regional Response Fund to assist in the development of necessary emergency services to assist the Tribe in additional services needed at this time.

In real-time, rapid response, the Wild Rivers Community Foundation’s Senior Initiatives Director, Michelle Carrillo delivered the award message via email yesterday, notifying the IMT that the Tribe’s proposal was awarded.

The funds will empower the IMT to take preemptive actions to prevent local residents, especially the elderly and other immunosuppressed individuals, from being exposed to the virus by developing emergency services that bring resources directly to Tribal Citizen families.

This award will also allow the Services Division of the IMT to perform regular check-ins with Tribal Members to determine if their real-time needs, identified in the survey, are met. The information collected will be used to tailor actions that will be implemented under the Emergency Operations Plan.

All residents are asked to adhere to the US Centers for Disease Control’s social distancing and transmission prevention recommendations.

The Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation’s Incident Management Team is providing regular updates to Tribal citizens and the general public via social media, the, and a phone service called One Call Now. To sign up for One Call Now call or if you have general questions, please call (707) 487-9255. For information about Tribal services, please call (707) 487-3183.


COVID-19 Needs Assessment Survey

The Incident Management Team (IMT) for the COVID-19 pandemic has developed a survey to try to assess the needs of our tribal citizens. Per our communication protocol we are sharing information with all staff prior to publication. The survey is a simple 25 question survey that takes less than five minutes to take.

Please find the survey in the link below.