From November 27th through the 29th I (Garrett Campbell) had the opportunity to attend the Fatherhood is Sacred™, Motherhood is Sacred™ training in Mesa, AZ. The training is facilitated by Albert Pooley, NAFFA’s founder, and president. The training was very uplifting, and it raised my spirits. As a son, father, and tribal citizen it is a great responsibility to be a leader and strong role model for our children. This training sparked a fire within me and showed me that I can work towards being a better husband and father by practicing gratitude, showing understanding and more respect, and by pitching in to do my part. I have a 3-year-old daughter. One day she will be a mother, and my hope is to instill all of my morals, values, and knowledge within her so she can be a strong mother for her children.

The Community & Family Services will begin a local Fatherhood is Sacred™, Motherhood is Sacred™ program in January 2019, in Smith River. We will be mailing information with details to TDN citizens in the weeks to come. The program is free of charge and we will provide meals as well as childcare. This program is open to TDN TANF participants first and then to TDN citizens residing in Del Norte and Curry counties as space allows.

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NAFFA’s Mission is to strengthen families by responsibly involving fathers and mothers in the lives of their children, families, and communities to provide happy and safe families. The program has worked with some of the most challenging groups of Native American men. Soon after the program started, the fathers wanted the mothers to experience the program as well, so the curriculum expanded to include mothers. The intense 12-week program touches on various topics such as cultural values, historical trauma, leadership, self-identity, and numerous others.

Through their success, NAFFA had found that their purpose and methods extend to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. The importance of responsible fatherhood and motherhood is universal, which is why they welcome and invite everyone to experience their programs.


Due to the furlough our FEMA liaison is unable to make tomorrow night’s Community Resilience meeting. Instead, TDN Emergency Manager Kymmie Scott will present “Beyond tsunamis and floods… thinking about ALL hazards that may threaten the Nation”, followed by a brief talk by Mary Dorman of State Farm Insurance on how much insurance people should actually carry on their home to be truly prepared.

Come learn about the Emergency Management Program at Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and have your questions answered with TDN Emergency Manager Kymmie Scott and Emergency Services Coordinator Tessa LaFazio


Dee‐dvn‐la: TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2019

Ghvt‐ti‐lh: 6:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M




February 26: Lori Dengler, Professor Emeritus of Geology from HSU to speak on earthquake and tsunami hazards

March 26: Pacific Power to discuss power outages and storm preparedness

April 30: Disaster Animal Rescue Team (DART) to discuss animals in times of disaster

May 28: Curry Health to discuss public health and pandemics

June 25: Special Guest to discuss wildfire protection / prevention / preparedness

July 30: Community Emergency Response Team & Neighbors Helping Neighbors to discuss community volunteers in disaster

August 27: Edward Jones Investments to discuss financial preparedness and resiliency

Orientation & Registration Thursday, January 24th from 6pm-7pm at Xaa-wan’-k’wvt Village & Resort Child Care and Snacks Will be Provided.

Join us for an introduction to this 12-week program, created by NAFFA (Native American Fatherhood & Families Association) using a Native American approach to strengthen families and return to spirit/blessings. It is designed to connect parents with their heritage/culture as they become actively involved in the safety and happiness of their families.

Progra1n open to Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Tribal TANF participants first and then to TDN citizens residing in Del Norte and Curry counties, as space allows.

Course materials and dinner will be provided at each class.
A certificate of completion will be presented to those participants who successfully complete the program. Incentives will be awarded for class attendance throughout the program!

If you are unable to attend this orientation and are interested in the program, call 707-487-9255 ext. 1128 for a registration form. Classes will begin on 1/31/19 and be held each Thursday through 4/25/19* *Due to Holidays the dates may change


The purpose of the Spring and Fall Clean-up events is to offer Tribal citizens the opportunity to clean-up their outdoor yards on Tolowa aboriginal territory. We want to discourage Tribal citizens from storing every-day household garbage just to dispose of at the clean-ups.

This Fall Clean-up received a total of about 56 tons of solid waste and recyclable material from Tribal citizens. A total of 163 vehicle and trailer loads of solid waste were brought during this two-day event with 50 loads on Thursday and 113 loads on Saturday. The Tribe’s Public Works and Facilities Department and Information Technology (IT) Department also disposed of some solid waste and recyclable electronics at the Clean-up.

About 9 tons of material is destined to be recycled and included about 40 yards of metal and electronics weighing 4.2 tons, 35 televisions and computer screens weighing 0.8 tons, 48 tires with rims weighing 1.9 tons, 61 tires without rims weighing 1.8 tons, 25 gallons of motor oil weighing 185 pounds and 42 compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

About 47 tons of non-recyclable material is destined for the landfill and includes about 258 yards of solid waste weighing 45 tons, 21 mattresses and box-springs weighing 0.5 tons and 30 furniture pieces weighing 1.6 tons.

If you are interested in working at the 2019 Spring Clean-up Event contact the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO), Director, Zackary Chapman at 707-487-9255 extension 1165.

For a list of businesses that take solid waste and recyclables, contact the Natural Resources Department, Tribal Resource Specialist, Kagat McQuillen at 707-487-9255 extension 1155.