Another Successful Tribal Clean-up!

The Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation hosted a one-day Tribal Fall Clean-up event on Saturday, November 12, 2020. This year provided many challenges, including the cancellation of events due to Covid-19. In spite of many obstacles, the Tribe was able to carry out a successful, safe, and socially distanced event.

Each year the Tribe partners with a variety of agencies to ensure waste is disposed of are taken to the appropriate facility. This year Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation worked with 4 local agencies: The solid waste management company Recology was contracted for solid waste bins and hauling. The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority was secured to dispose of a variety of solid waste and recyclable items. Humboldt Moving and Storage took the recyclable mattresses and box springs for free through the California Government mattress recycling program, Bye Bye Mattress which is managed by the Mattress Recycling Council. Cascade Metal, from Grants Pass, hauled away the recyclable metal for free. Tribal Citizens also participated in a short solid waste survey to gather current data for how the Tribe can facilitate solid waste management.

This year the Fall Cleanup was limited to 1 load per Tribal household within a reasonable distance to haul solid waste to the cleanup. The purpose of this event is to support pollution prevention, minimize environmental impacts, and to provide informational and educational materials, as well as educate and support tribal citizens on proper disposal of residential waste. In order to maintain environmental health conditions, citizens are discouraged from storing every-day household garbage to dispose of at cleanup events; this is why we did not take household garbage.

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month!

In order to engage Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation (TDN) families in thinking proactively about child abuse awareness issues and how they can have an impact on preventing child abuse, Community & Family Services (CFS) is hosting a poster contest. The contest will begin October 1, 2020 and run through January 31, 2021.

DOWNLOAD Child Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Entry

All qualifying posters will be on display at the North CFS office until the judging is complete.

The winning posters will be displayed at TDN locations and enterprises during the month of April as well as placed in the newsletter and on the CFS Facebook Page.

Theme: “See Something, Say Something”

Contest Rules:

1. Posters must have a positive message and illustrate how children can bring awareness to child abuse
2. Any kind of art can be used in poster design: crayon, paint, pencil, and marker
3. Suggested poster size 11” x 14”
4. Contest entry and poster must be received prior to deadline in order to qualify
5. Originals must be submitted – pictures of artwork will not be accepted
6. No professional or copyrighted images or materials
7. Open to TDN Tribal children in grades K-7 who reside in Curry, Del Norte, and Humboldt counties
8. Two groups will be judged: grades K-4 and grades 5-7
9. Entry deadline: January 31, 2021
10. Contest entry forms may be mailed, faxed (number above), or emailed 11. Entry forms must be complete and signed by both the parent/guardian and participant
12. Qualifying participants will receive a child abuse awareness t-shirt

DOWNLOAD Child Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Entry

Contest winners will be notified no later than February 15, 2021 and announced in the March newsletter.

Original posters may be mailed to or turned in at:

North CFS Office
ATTN: Monica Calvillo
16299 US HWY 101 N
Smith River, CA 95567
Questions, contact Monica at 707-487-9255 ext. 1191 or

Xii-chuu-dvn Sri’-lhxvn Xwii-ne (Happy Indian New Year to all of you)….

As we greet the Xii-chuu-dvn (New Year) we reflect back on closure and renewal. During this time of the year, we actively offer our deliberate focus and attention through nourishing our acknowledgments with time, prayer, song, dance, participation, intention, food, reflection, and love of this past year’s gifts and this new year’s welcoming … of love, hope and focus which sets our heart’s intentions of renewal. We give direct attention to Nvn-nvst-a’ (Earth) creations & blessings. We acknowledge waa-ghii~-li~ our (history), k’wii-daa-naa~ – ye’ our (lineage), ghvt-li’ our (ties), Tr’aa-xee-chuu-ne our (Matriarchs), mee-ne’-dvn our (homelands), sri’-lhxvn our (happiness), duu-lhvt-talh our (challenges), mee-xwvtlhya~ our (lessons), wa’sr-‘vsh-t’i our (gifts) and wvn-shaa~- dvtlh-‘i~ our (thankfulness) for xwii-day (everything) that strengthens, sustains & balances us on our journey, deed and care. Being heartful and aware of was-li~ our (energy), which is our ultimate truest form of self, through uplifted expression in its most raw form. Being actively conscious of how we create our was-li~; how we give it and what we are spending it on helps us guide our lives in a very authentic manner. It is a key practice during our season of reflection and renewal for living in a healthy and balanced way in this new season…the New Year. Giving was-li~ is how we share our power. We share our power through an exchange. The key is our awareness of how we represent this exchange of was-li~ and how our power sets our intentions. Great care is needed in how we cultivate and conserve our was-li~. We need was-li~ available to spend on creating and transforming our lives, rather than on defending our realities. We have to train our hearts & minds to elevate and vibrate in our own chosen forms & frequencies. We choose these frequencies through our intentions, actions, what we spend our time on, and how we relate to others. This is the basis of mastering our own was-li~ and learning to focus and direct it. Experiencing the fullness of our own essence is vital. Healthy was-li~ exchange and attuning ourselves in our frequency is alchemy. Everything we do involves an exchange of was-li~. It’s our practice of heartfulness, mindfulness, consistent communication, and healthy boundaries. So, as we reflect on our past year and New Year now, we release what doesn’t serve us while reconnecting to the expansiveness and authenticity of our true inner essence of self. A healthy balance and intentional practices uplift these things that keep us whole. So we challenge ourselves to be authentic, to be true, and to expand our essence to better this world. Heeeeeee…..

TANF Public Comment

Community & Family Services is accepting public comments for Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation’s upcoming TANF Plan renewal for the fiscal year 2021-2024.

Comment Submission
Due January 31, 2021  by 5:00 pm

To request a copy of the TANF Renewal Plan or  to submit a comment, please contact us via:

Mail: Community & Family Services 16299 Hwy 101 N., Smith River, CA 95567

Email: or

Telephone: 707-487-9255 Teela James ext. 1139 or Tiffany Shannon ext. 1128