2020 Election Timeline

Requirement for Voting

1) You must be enrolled. Enrolled means being accepted by the Enrollment Committee, approved by an action of Tribal Council and placed on the Membership List.

2) You must be 18 years of age by the voter registration deadline. You can still register after the registration deadline but you will not be able to vote until the next election.

3) To register to vote, fill out a request for Affidavit of Registration and return it to the Voter Registrar. You only need to register once.

4) To be nominated you must have previously lived in the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation 5 county service area for 1 year. (Del Norte, Humboldt, Coos, Curry, Josephine)

5) You must be 18 years old to nominate a candidate and 21 years old to serve on Tribal Council.
Procedure to request an Absentee Ballot
If you are not going to be here to vote on Election Day (every 3rd Saturday of May), you may request an Application for Absentee Ballot.
You must fill out the application completely and

PLEASE SIGN AND DATE the application before returning. There will be a delay in mailing if not signed. Your signature on the request application is VERIFIED with your signature on the Official Absentee Ballot when it is returned to Election Department - if signature doesn’t match ,the Election Board can make the decision to void the ballot.


The Voter Registration form is available from the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Tribal Office, Newsletter, Website and at the General Membership meeting.
Mail, fax or email the request back to: Attention Election Board, 140 Rowdy Creek Road, Smith River CA 95567; fax 707-487-0930; email: tbuckskin@tolowa.com
Official Ballot return envelopes will be address to a P.O. Box at Smith River Post Office for security purpose. There is also a locked drop box at the Tribal Office. Please be sure the Receptionist date stamps the ballot before placing in drop box.

MARCH 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020 General Membership Meeting

Nominations for 3 Council Seats

Tuesday, March 27, 2020  Nominees accept or decline within 7 business days.

Campaign letters due by 5:00 pm. 300 words or less and NO PICTURES.

APRIL 2020

Friday, April 6, 2020 Mail General Election Information

Friday, April 27, 2020  Voter registration closes

Voter Registration Form 2020 (.pdf)

(Tribal members may still register but may not participate until 2021.)

Friday, April 27th, 2020 Last day for mailing absentee ballots (15 days for mailing)

MAY 2020

Saturday, May 19, 2020  Election Day (8:00 am - 3:00 pm) at Howonquet Hall Community Center

Election Ordinance (.pdf)