Office of Self Governance

Mission: To exert the inherent and legal sovereignty of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ through Self-Governance in a way that up-holds and promotes our cultural values.

To exert the inherent and legal sovereignty of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ through Self-Governance in a way that up-holds and promotes our cultural values.

To promote the integrity of the Constitution by formulating protocols and instituting systems which improve self-governance standards.

In 2012, the Nation submitted to the Department of the Interior a request to enter into a Title IV Self-Governance Compact, and from that request the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Office of Self-Governance was estab-lished. The Title IV Compact replaces the default Bureau of Indian Affairs 96-638 self-determination contract and allows for greater tribal autonomy.

Overarching, the Compact creates administrative freedom and the framework for the Nation to implement self-determined decision making pursuant to our sovereign authority. The Compact also grants the Nation the power to choose, make decisions, and determine our own destiny and future, providing equal footing in government-to-government negotiations and relationships.

Fundamentally, self-governance promotes the inherent and legal sovereignty of the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation.

Functionally, the Office of Self-Governance advise the administration and the Council, serves as the point of contact and facilitates government-to-government relationships and negotiations, executes initiatives that promote the advancement of tribal sovereignty, and ensures the success of tribally identified goals.


  • Programmatic oversight of the Title IV multi-year funding agreement in the following areas:
  • Government and Administration-Administrative Direction; Tribal Courts; Aid to Tribal Government
  • Business and Economic Development- Enterprise Development
  • Natural Resource Development-Fisheries Management/Enforcement; Water Resources;
  • Cooperative Landscape Management
  • Social and Human Services- Social Services Management; Social Services Programs; Welfare Assistance; Educational Programs
  • Government-to-Government nation building (see resources for a link to the Consultation Policy).
  • Advising the Tribal Administration and the Council.
  • Analytical monitoring - internal monitoring of compact, external monitoring of legislative activities.
  • Reporting- Internal reporting to Council, external reporting to the Office of Self-Governance and Congress.


  • West Coast Regional Planning Body pursuant to Executive Order 13547.
  • Co-Management Initiative with the State of California.
  • Tribal Code Audit and code development.

The Office of Self-Governance has played an instrumental role in assisting the State of California in the realization of the importance of co-management of shared resources.

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140 Rowdy Creek Rd.
Smith River, Ca. 95567
Phone: 707-487-9255

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Program Analyst

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