Transportation Department


Self - Determination TDN needs to continue to act as a sovereign nation leading activities that support the needs of the TDN and its citizens. The TDN needs to continue to exercise government - to - government relationships to collaboratively address transportation planning needs and leverage funding.

Economic Development

Good transportation planning can facilitate economic development by increasing the movement of goods, services, and staf, and by supporting tourism. Difer- ent transportation modalities can also be employed to achieve these goals. Some economic activities, such as fishing, have important cultural dimensions as well; transportation and access may be specialized to support cultural continuity in certain economic activities.


The welfare of citzens of TDN is reflected by their ability to maintain familial and social relationships, engage in meaningful or rewarding activities and work, and otherwise meet their personal, familial, and community needs. Connectivity – and mobility – are key to ensuring that the TDN’s citizens can act positively in these ways. Some residents of the TDN lack access to motor vehicles, have limited physical mobility due to health issues, are physically isolated, or are simply hampered from walking or biking by transportation design that prioritzes vehicular move-ment.


Improve Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety


A high - priority for the Transportation Department is to enhance safety along the roadways intersecting with the Highway 101 corridor. The main focus is to-ward automobile, and pedestrian safety, striving to improve North Indian Road, South Indian Road, and the intersecton of North Indian Road and Highway 101 and the intersecton of Rowdy Creed Road and Highway 101.

  • Tribal Transportaton Program (TTP )
  • North/South Indian Road Project
  • Dat-naa-svt Roadway Planning


This project constructed trafc calming and bicycle/pedestrian improvements on US highway 101 within approximately 4.1 mile porton of road generally between North Indian Road and Timber Boulevard. US 101 is the lifeline of the North coast; it is the link between coastal Oregon and points south along the California coast. The highway passes through the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Naton and unincorporated community of Smith River.

The US 101 Multimodal Smith River Safety Corridor improvements:

  • lower vehicle speeds;
  • increase safety for all users;
  • bring the traveling public’s attention to the following:
  • they are entering a community;
  • to expect pedestrians, bicycles;
  • possible congestion at intersections.

Improvements include:

  • street lighting;
  • landscaping and irrigaton systems;
  • gateway monument signs;
  • at - grade colorized asphalt shoulders;
  • intersection concrete hardscape treatments;
  • new signage and striping.

Transportation Office Location

140 Rowdy Creek Rd.
Smith River, Ca. 95567
Phone: 707-487-9255

Transportation Department Staff

Tim Hoone

Planning Director

Office: 707-487-9255 ext. 1230
Cell 707-951-4255

Bobby Bergman

Project Manager

Office: 707-487-9255 ext. 1305
Cell 707-954- 0382