Grants and Contracts Department

The purpose of the Grants and Contracts Office is to support creativity and innovation in identifying and ad-dressing the identified needs of the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Departments and Programs. It is important to em-phasize the need for adequate planning and quality control in all activities relating to administering grants that involve the resources and personnel of the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation. Projects funded in whole or in part with grant money should not be created simply in reaction to a notice of availability of funds, whatever the source.


The purpose of the Grants and Contracts Office is to support creativity and innovation in identifying and ad-dressing the identified needs of the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Departments and Programs, and Nation as a whole.


Grants: The Goal of the Grants & Contracts Department is to be a central hub for planning and fund devel-opment for the Tribe, supporting high-performing Departments with: strategic planning; community needs assessments; easy access to 3rd party content experts & consultants; training in program design and proposal development; up-to-date, accurate census, demographic, & geographic information; enhanced interdepart-mental communication.

Contracting: Goods & services will be procured, via contract, in a user friendly, transparent system that best meets department & program needs (hassle-free, expedient) while maintaining centralized administra-tion to maximize shared resources, ease of reporting, and also insuring all contracts are aligned with Tribal, federal, & state laws. Contract creation & tracking system will be accessible to all departments, to facilitate shared information, transparency, and communication.


  •  Seek & analyze competitive grant funding that may benefit Tribe.
  •  Provide guidance in following the necessary Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation fiscal, legal, contractual, human re-source procedures for grant applications and awards.
  •  Assist in preparing grant applications, including contracting with 3rd party content experts to develop best possible proposal(s).
  •  Provide timely information and support to departments and programs for their grant development efforts.


  •  Draft, negotiate, and execute contracts as requested by departments, administration.
  •  Maintain record of all current & past contracts executed by Nation.
  •  Draft & publish request for proposals as needed.
  •  Facilitate RFP proposal review.


  •  Maintain accurate information on Tribal demographics
  •  Advise on studies needed to accurately determine needs of Tribal Citizens
  •  Insure funding proposals are strategically planned to meet long-term needs of Tribe.
  • Stormwater Improvement Project- Corner of US HWY 101 and Indian Road
  •  Rowdy & Dominie Fish Passage Improvement
  •  Dat-naa-svt Housing Development
  •  2015 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG - Prince Island Court Wastewater Extension
  •  2016 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG)- Main Wastewater Plant Improvements
  •  Housing Needs Assessment
  •  Strategic Planning RFP
  •  Rowdy Creek Fish Hatcherm Improvements

Assisted in facilitating all above projects. Assisted in application & management of $5 million in grant funding.

Office Location

140 Rowdy Creek Road
Smith River, Ca. 95567
Phone: 707-487-9255


Department of Community and Family Services (CFS) is seeking proposals from qualified vendors who have the expertise and capacity to provide substance abuse testing and treatment services. Responses are due by April 30.

CADC RFQ 4-30-19


Grants & Contracts Department Staff

Vacant: Contact Tim Hoone

Grants & Contracts Manager

707-487-9255 x 1230