Education Department

Education Department

300 Dat-naa-svt Loop
Smith River, Ca. 95567

Xaa-wan’-k’wvt (Howonquet) Early Learning Program

12840 Mouth of Smith River Rd.
Smith River, Ca. 95567
Phone: 707-487-1113

Education Department Overview

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Overdrive Digital Services Access Instructions

  • Sign in. Go to: and click on the “Sign in” button on the upper left.
  • Select TDN. Find Tolowa Dee-ni’ Family Resource Library on the dropdown list.
  • Enter ID. Enter a 9 and the last four digits of your Tribal Enrollment ID Number and click the “SIGN IN” button. (Employees use 9 and Employee ID Number.)
  • START BORROWING E-BOOKS! Enter a 9 and the last four digits of your Tribal Enrollment ID Number and click the “SIGN IN” button. (Employees use 9 and Employee ID Number.) Start borrowing e-books! If you need assistance logging in or locating your Tribal Enrollment ID Number, please call CFS at (707) 487-9255, extension 1138.

Available to all Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Tribal Citizens

  • You can obtain an application at our office.
  • Download Higher Education Application [.pdf]
  • Our Higher Education Committee will determine your eligibility.
  • Contact our office for more information.

Xaa-wan’-k’wvt (Howonquet) Early Learning Program Resources

When Head Start parents document X.E.L.P.’s School Readiness Objectives, such as read at least one book to your child every week, their time counts toward a donation to our Head Start program. This is called an in-kind donation. It is an opportunity for our Head Start parents to “Give Back” to our program.

Click here: School Readiness Link for Parents

Facebook Page: Howonquet Head Start Parent Committee 2018-19

This Facebook page is administered by the Head Start Parent Committee and is a closed informational page available only to our X.E.L.P.parents. You can ask to join this closed group on Facebook if you are a parent who has a child enrolled in our program.

Click here:

Child Development Milestones

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Pre-Enrollment Application

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Del Norte County Unified School District's Title VI American Indian 

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Child and Adult Care Food Program Media Release

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Education Program

Language Learning Resources

Education Department Staff

Lenora Hall

Education Director

Office 707-487-9255 ext. 1190

Pyuwa Bommelyn

Tolowa Language Teacher II

(707) 487-9255 ext. 1173

Zakry Conger

Project Manager

(707) 487-9255 Ext. 1553

Mattie Castellaw

Data Technician

(707) 487-9255 ext. 1550

Lauren Cornelis

(707) 487-9255