Enrollment & Elections


The Enrollment and Election program has the responsibility to provide accurate accountability for  Citizens enrolled and handling our Tribal Elections. In 2023, the Nation reached a milestone with its enrolled Citizenship hitting 2,000 individuals.  

The Enrollment Program is responsible for all enrollment application processing, membership certifications, and Tribal ID cards. 

Enrollment Committee:  Joel Bravo (Chair), Michele Vagle, Jeri Lynn Thompson, Sheryl Steinruck, and Dr. Joseph Giovannetti as the Tribal Council Liason. 

The Election Board authority comes from the Election Ordinance and is promulgated under the Constitution of the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation, adopted June 27, 1987,  by the General Membership: ARTICLE IX, Sections 1 through 4, Elections.

Election Board: Donald James (Chair), Sandra Netzel, Tracie Whipple, Marva Jones, and Sharyne Harper.