Habitat & Wildlife Division

The Nvn-nvst-'aa~-ta Habitat & Wildlife Division is based on the Tribal Environmental Plan FY2019-2022 and the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Strategic Plan. This division focuses on research, data collection, traditional knowledge, best available science and partnerships to inform restoration, adaptation and active stewardship, on a landscape level, to land, plants, and wildlife within Taa-laa-waa-dvn (Tolowa aboriginal territory). The goals of this division include the following:

  • Protect the legal right for Tribal hunting and gathering.
  • Habitat restoration and adaptation through the gathering of baseline and/or monitoring data on priority species, related habitats, indicators, and human uses.
  • Increase access to high quality traditional food and utilitarian plants.
  • Support pollution prevention and/or minimize environmental impacts on Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation properties and Traditional Cultural Properties.
  • Develop capacity for fuels reduction workforce, prescribed & cultural burning and forest health improvement.

Habitat & Wildlife Division Publications:

  • TDN Tribal Environmental Plan
  • TDN Tribal Code Title 16- Harvest Title
  • 2021 Chis-chu Naa-tr'vlh-xat (Roosevelt Elk, Cervus canadensis roosevelti Hunt) Regulations
  • TDN Solid Waste Management Plan
  • TDN Land Use Ordinance
  • TDN Forestry Management Plan
  • Pesticide Usage and the Smith River Plan