Na'sr-dvtlh-nvsh Waa-tr'uu-nii-dvn (Tribal Employment Rights Office)

The Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) Department oversees contracts on Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation land, ensuring that Tribal Citizens are chosen as workers on applicable contracts and that Contractors are held accountable for their contracts. TERO achieves the goal of securing and sustaining Tribal Citizen Employment with job training and job placement programs. The primary function of TERO is to promote Indian preference. From employment to contracts with local businesses, TERO is here for the tribal community.


Services available to Tribal members:

  • Contract Enforcement
  • Job Assistance
  • Policy Enforcement
  • TERO Workers
  • Training Assistance
  • Vendor Applications


  • Amending the TERO Code
  • Cal Trans Pilot Project / MOU
  • Dat-naa-svt
  • Searching the community for scholarships
  • Surveys for training and assistance needs
  • Xaa-wan'-k'wvt Village and Resort

Job Placement Qualifications

TERO is also tasked with assisting businesses in achieving compliance with hiring Native American qualified workers. We have compiled a library of useful TERO, employment, and job placement training (JP&T) documentation, for you to utilize in your on-going career. Feel free to use this information especially if you are just starting out.

Job Placement Documents