Nuu-da'-ye'-dvn (Department of Community & Family Wellness Services)

The Department of Community & Family Wellness Services was established in March 2006 by the Tribal Council. The primary purpose and function of the Department is to ensure the wellness of tribal citizens by providing social services with both Tribal funds and multiple grant awards. When providing services, the department staff is also continuously gathering data, evaluating data and services, and making recommendations regarding the needs of tribal citizens to the Tribal Council. The Department oversees several programs and has been awarded numerous grants.


The mission of Department of Community &Family Wellness Services is to encourage a healthy community by providing services that address the unique social, cultural, and economic needs of our Tribal Family with accountability, integrity, and respect.


Children and youth are healthy, ready for and succeeding in school in preparation for adulthood; families are safe, stable, economically self-sufficient, and nurturing; and safe communities that provide a high quality of life.


The Goal of the Department of Community & Family Wellness Services is to support our tribal citizens to be healthy individuals that sustain our sovereign future.