Business Idea Generation Workshop

Join us for a unique workshop to help you generate new business ideas! This workshop is designed for those thinking of setting up a new business, or existing business owners that want to explore ideas for expanding their current offerings. Our approach to the idea generation process will help you with:

Exploring business ideas based on your hobbies, skills, culture and natural resources
Determining the feasibility of your business ideas
Learning basic business skills need to be a successful entrepreneur

Presented by Mark Thompson and Lunn Wilson of IDRS Inc.


All Tribal Citizens are invited to submit a design for this year’s holiday card celebrating the Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year.

Please email your designs to -or- drop them off at the Tribal Office before 5:00pm on September 12, 2018.

Please include a statement giving Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation permission to print your design if chosen.

Winner will receive a $25 prize, and bragging rights!

Root & Rebound‘s legal team will be providing holistic services including:

  • record-cleaning services (such as Prop 47 and expungements)
  • assistance with employment issues due to criminal record
  • assistance with exempting convictions for child custody, visitation, and placement issues
  • assistance with managing child support and other court-ordered debt options
  • assistance with legal identification issues such as suspended driver’s licenses
  • legal information about any barriers due to prior criminal record

Take-home resource materials will be available at clinic.

To book an appointment call (510) 279-4662 or email

Walk-ins welcome. Open to everyone.

Attendees must have RAP sheet for complete services.*

*Don’t have your RAP Sheet? LiveScan services may be provided on site – or call (510) 279-4662 for information on the quickest way to obtain your record for your situation.

Tribal Graduate Celebration

Join us in celebrating our tribal graduates
Dee‐dvn‐la: Saturday June 30th, 2018
Ghvt‐ti‐lh: 2 pm—4 pm
Dvt‐la: Xaa‐wan’‐k’wvt Hall Community Center

Questions: 707-487-9255 ext. 1191
Ghaa~-yalh-te haa~? (are you going to come)