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In response to a recommendation from the Tribal Emergency Response Team (TERT) Committee, Tribal Council approved the purchase of a 35’ extension ladder for Smith River Fire Protection District (SRFPD). SRFPD would be the first responder in an emergency at Howonquet Lodge (the only three story building in Smith River), and would be able to respond to multiple areas of the Lodge with this ladder and an additional ladder purchased by SRFPD. The ladders will be mounted on the existing firefighting response vehicle.


Pictured L to R: Denise Padgette, TDN Council Vice-chair; Darrell Moorehead, Acting Fire Chief; Jeri Thompson, TDN Councilor; Scott Sullivan, TDN Council Secretary; Lyle Armstrong, SRFPD Vice-chair; John Pricer, SRFPD Chairman; Loren Me’-lash-ne Bommelyn, TDN Council Chairman.


Recruiting DMX Committee Members

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 by

Community Family Services S.E.E.D.S. Program is looking for individuals in our tribal community to join our Tribal Youth Leadership Committee, Dee-ni’ Xaa-ghii-ne Mii~-xvsh-xay (DXM). As a member you will; participate in monthly meetings, plan and host tribal community events such as holiday parties and community outreach. You will gain leadership skills and team building skills. You will have learning opportunities such as; educational and leadership training. You will also participate in college tours, seminars, business tours and field trips.


1)            You must be 14 to 20 years of age.

2)            You must have a desire to grow as an individual, and as a community.

3)            You must write a letter, explaining why you would be a quality member of DXM and what your objectives, in joining this program, are.


Hank Luerra

(707) 487-9255 ext. 1136

(cell phone) (707) 951-1673



Lha’ Num-nii~-ma~s (January) NDN-tivity

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 by

Join together for dinner & ancestry sharing NDN-tivity.

Bring family trees, pictures, documents and any other information you would like to share. This will be a sharing focused work group to discover, document and share your family’s Tolowa Dee-ni’ history.


Participants Wanted

Monday, 14 December 2015 by

Traditional Ecological Knowledge on smelt, clams, mussels, abalone, seaweed, and redtail surfperch is needed to inform the historical baseline of our marine habitat.

If you have information on these species and would like to participate in an interview, or have questions, please contact Jaytuk Steinruck or Rosa Laucci at:


TOP UA-35092710-1