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Annual Tribal Childrens Halloween Party

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 by

Please join Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Community & Family Services and the Dee-ni’ Xaa-ghii-ne Mii~-xvsh-xay for some ghostly fun! Volunteers of all ages welcomed.

*Do not leave children under the age of 16 unattended at the party. Shu’ shaa-nin-la

For more information contact CFS 707-487-9255 ext. 1131 or follow the Facebook event at

2016 Summer Youth Employment Program

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 by


The 2016 Summer Youth Employment Program has wrapped up and the 9 youth that participated did a great job.

Morgan Perry assisted Beverly Switzler of UIHS with the Elder Nutrition Program at Howonquet Hall, Faith Campbell worked in the office with Garrett at the Gilbert Creek maintenance department, Ta-Tes Boulby and Randall Richards reported to Rosa and Jaytuk in Natural Resources, Tvshiina Jacobs and Mitchel Larson worked for Pyuwa in the culture department, Dustin Jenson and Alicia Lopez helped out the staff at Howonquet Lodge and at the House of Howonquet restaurant, and Siobhan Lopez at CFS for Erika as a garden apprentice.

In addition to their daily duties, the youths participated in 3 community service projects. The first and second outings were a beach and river clean-up in partnership with our Natural Resource department and the Sierra Service Project. On their last day, they joined a group with the Six Rivers National Forest and stopped at 3 locations along the Smith River. Pappas flat, Mary Adams and Slant Bridge. Thanks to Suntayea Steinruck for coordinating the outing and Wade Owen for being our van driver.

Every Friday afternoon, the CFS department hosted the youths and took them through a series of Life Skills Cooking Workshops. They learned how to plan, budget, shop and cook lunch, dinner, desserts and the importance and benefits of gardening. Parents, don’t let them tell you they can’t cook!

A big shu’ shaa nin-la to all the supervising staff that took the time to mentor these young people. Your time and dedication is appreciated.

On May 23rd the Tolowa Dee-ni′ Nation submitted two grant proposals to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Fiscal Year 2016 Tribal Climate Resilience Program. The Tolowa Dee-ni′ Nation was informed by the BIA that both of the submitted proposals were awarded funding.

The first proposed project, Baseline and Vulnerability Assessment of Da′-me′ (Smith River Estuary) for Climate Adaptation Planning, will assist the Tolowa Dee-ni′ Nation’s efforts to assess several resilience stressors and conduct a vulnerability assessment for the Smith River Estuary. This project will greatly inform the Nation’s understanding of the potential impacts from climate change and advance the Nation’s climate adaptation, as well as ocean and coastal management knowledge, in order to protect culturally important marine resources.

The second proposed project, Tolowa Dee-ni′ Nation Marine Water Quality Monitoring for Ocean and Coastal Management Planning, seeks to conduct baseline ocean water chemistry monitoring to aid in the assessment of climate change in the development of ocean and coastal management planning for the Tolowa Dee-ni′ Nation. This project will start the collection of ocean baseline water quality data that can help inform an assessment of smelt habitat, a State-designated marine protected area, and be used for long-term water quality monitoring to assess climate change. The project will also allow the Nation to collaborate with the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS), the first such tribal collaboration with this group (i.e. pilot project). Congratulations to all who helped with the writing and submission of the grant proposals.

Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation has taken action to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe by issuing letter of support and adopting Resolution 16-36 resolution-16-36-standing-rock-sioux-tribe_and-cover-letter-signedresolution-16-36-standing-rock-sioux-tribe_2resolution-16-36-standing-rock-sioux-tribe_3. Download the .pdf file here


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