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Dear Parents/Guardians and Participants,
Dv-laa-ha~, the Waa-tr’vslh-‘a~ (Culture) Department, Dee-ni’ Wee-ya’ (Dee-ni’ Language) Committee, & Waa-tr’vslh-‘a~ Committee invites youth to participate in our upcoming 12th Annual Dee-ni’ Mvsr-xee-ye’ Wee-ya’ Lhetlh-xat (youth language gathering) on August 15th-17th , for ages 7-13 years old; children under the age of 7 years are welcome when accompanied by an adult. This year we will be a day camp as we will be visiting three different sites giving our youth an opportunity to experience different culturally significant sites. We will start everyday at Xaa-wan’-k’wvt Village Resort before moving to the other locations to visit. Our community dinner will be at Xaa-wan’-k’wvt Village Resort on Friday,
August 17th 4:00-6:00 PM, the entire family is invited to attend. There will also be a special presentation from our youth and acknowledgement of their participation will be provided.

Download Application

The goal of our Dee-ni’ Mvsr-xee-ye’ Wee-ya’ Lhetlh-xat is to revitalize, preserve and strengthen our Dee-ni’ Culture and Language. We are in a crucial time of fostering and promoting speech communities and promoting our self-identity through our language and culture. Acquisition of our indigenous communication is a vital link in reclaiming and promoting our spirituality, rites and communal wellness. We will be approaching and integrating our language in a number of activities such as: stick games, singing, dancing, storytelling, girls’ shell game, boys’ card game, hiking, swimming and several other enriching fun-filled activities.

It is our mission to incorporate our language and ways of life in all areas of activities. For without the continuation of our indigenous ways of life, we would be severing our relationship with our ancestors, and the teachings they have given to us to continue as Tolowa Dee-ni’ people.

Please complete the attached registration form and return it to Sri’-swvlh Mee-ne’ or the K’vsh-chu Administration Tribal Office no later than Friday July 27th, 2018 @ 5:00 PM. Space is limited, so please turn in your registration soon. This year will be a day camp. Camp will start at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, August 15th @ the Xaa-wan’-k’wvt Village Resort. Some transportation is available to pick up campers. If needed please call by August 3rd, 2018.

We will again be enjoying our culture and the company of our young tribal citizens in an interactive setting with our elders and community. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering please complete and turn in an application no later than July 27th, 2018. All volunteers, staff and contractors are required to attend a group meeting on Monday, August 13th & Tuesday August 14th. A special shu’ shaa-nin-la to all the parents and community members who participated last year, your assistance was invaluable. Please note that there will be a Head-Check Station upon arrival to camp. If your child does not pass the Head-Check, they will be sent home.

If you should need additional information, please contact
Amber Gensaw in the Waa-tr’vslh-‘a~ Department @ 707-487-3236

Sowing Seeds for Local Abundance:
A Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Agricultural Enterprise and Farmer Training Feasibility Study.


Sowing Seeds for Local Abundance investigates the feasibility of establishing an Agricultural
Enterprise & Farmer Training Program on Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation tribal land that will increase local
farming and food economic opportunities. The format for this study follows the objectives of
documenting current local farming operations and assessing Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation economic and
cultural growth potential. The ultimate purpose of this work has been to promote economic and
workforce development for the tribe, improve food security and access for the local community,
and instill Tribal Food Sovereignty and Culture through agricultural practices.


Download Sowing Seeds for Local Abundance 


Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Community & Family Services
is now accepting applications for TANF!

Are you unemployed/underemployed and having trouble making ends meet? You might be eligible for TANF if you:

• Are a TDN citizen, residing in Del Norte, Humboldt; or are a TDN citizen or member of a federally recognized tribe residing in Curry, Josephine, Coos
• Are the parent of a child age 0-18 who attends school and will graduate by age 19
• Meet income and resource eligibility criteria
• Have not received 60 months of federal TANF benefits through another tribe or social service agency
• Are able to meet work participation requirements

To learn more about whether our TANF Program is right for you contact Dawn Ansell, TANF Coordinator (707) 487-9255 ext 1128

A Community Resiliency Discussion

Tuesday, 26 June 2018 by

A community resiliency discussion on disaster preparedness

Come learn about the new emergency management program at Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and have your questions answered. With TDN Emergency Manager Kymmie Scott and
Emergency Services Coordinator Tessa LaFazio. Thursday, June 28th, 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m
XVR Recreation Hall. (Look for the signs by the old Ship Ashore). All members of the public are welcome (tribal or non-tribal) who reside in or near TDN For more information call 707-487-9255 ext. 1144


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