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Administration Forms

Donation Request Form
Youth Activities Reimbursement

Please submit your completed forms to:

Jessica Haas- Recording Secretary/Office Manager
Office: 707.487.9255 x 3221

Finance Forms

W9 Form

Community & Family Services Forms

T-Shirt Donation Services
Public Awareness Information

Teen Dating Violence

Housing Forms

Housing Assistance Application
Early Tribal History Brief on Housing

Natural Resources

Tsunami Preparedness 
Tsunamis: What Boaters Should Know 
2012 Natural Resources Report
HAZUS Website
Emergency Reponse Guide Book
Emergency Reponse Guide Book Video

 Language and Culture Forms

Language and Culture Request Form 

TERO Forms

We have compiled a library of useful TERO, employment, and job placement training (JP&T) documentation, for you to utilize in your on-going career. Feel free to use this information especially if you are just starting out.

Career Opportunities at Smith River Rancheria
SRR & L7 Job Application Form
TERO Complaint Form 
Job Placement Assistance Packet 
TERO Permit Application
TERO Ordinances
TERO Contractors Questionnaire
TERO Skills Bank Application
On-Call Employment Application
TERO Job placement and Training policy 
Indian Probate Reform Act

Enrollment Forms

Important items to keep the Enrollment Department current are:

Name Change: Due to marriage or divorce – a copy of certificate

Address: For each family member living in the home. 
Address change form

Births: Copy of birth certificate
Family tree form

Deaths: Copy of death certificate

Court Filings: Copy of custody proceeding or adoption (confidential) 

2013 Election Timeline and Information

Maintenance Forms

Yard Assistance Request From (YVAAP)

Information Technology Forms

Tribal Court Forms

Rules of Court and Civil Procedures
Petition for Dissolution 
Dissolution Instructions (Respondent)
Dissolution Instructions (Petitioner)
Response to Petition for Dissolution
Name Change Order to Show Cause
Adoption Request 
Spokesperson Application
Children’s Code
Name Change Petition
Spokesperson List
Notice of Representation
Protection Order
Protection Order Instructions
Parenting Plan
Child Support Worksheet
Name and Information (Attachment A)
Domestic Relations Code
Marriage License / Application
Proof of Service Children’s Code