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Planning Department

Planning Department Office Location

140 Rowdy Creek Road,
Smith River, CA 95567

Planning Department Overview

The Planning Department will manage the growth and development for a sustainable environment and with coordination of all departments provide strategies and resources to the tribal administration and Council to make informed decisions to improve the lives of tribal community and future generations.
The Planning Department purpose is to provide the Nation with solid direction for sustainable and environmentally sound development that satisfies the Tolowa Nation’s social, economic and cultural needs.
Planning will coordinate tribal government planning efforts to maintain a comprehensive and cohesive execution of projects. The Department is comprised of the Grants and Contracts Department, the Transportation Department and the Realty Department.

Implementation of the Tribal Land Use Plan, Economic Strategy and Master Plan.
Purpose: Provide the Nation with solid direction for sustainable and environmentally sound development that satisfies the Tolowa Nation’s social, economic and cultural needs. Coordinates tribal government planning efforts to maintain a comprehensive and cohesive execution
of projects.

Maintain and Manage Grants and Contracts
Purpose: Assist all departments with funding proposal development and submission; technical assistance with project & grant management; insure all contracts are executed & recorded in a timely manner that bests meets department and overall tribe’s needs.
Tribal Transportation Program (TTP)
Purpose: To improve transportation safety, mobility and economic opportunity while accommodating future growth in Transit and Pedestrian walkways based on the Tribal Land Use Plan.
Realty Program
Purpose: To support the Tribe pertaining to acquisition, management, including realty actions in support of fee-into- trust conveyances, reservation proclamation, encroachment control, environmental coordination and records management.

Planning Department Staff

Vacant- Contact Tim Hoone

Planning Director

Phone: 707-487- 9255 ext.1230
Cell: 707-951- 4255

Tim Hoone

Grants and Contracts

Phone: 707-487- 9255 ext. 1230
Cell: 707-951- 4255

Bobby Bergman

Transportation, Project Development Manager

Phone: 707-487- 9255 ext. 1305
Cell: 707-954- 0382

Nita Rolfe

Program Coordinator, Property Department

Phone: 707-487- 9255 ext. 1210
Cell: 707-218- 7782

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