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 ‘Vmlh-te Naa-dinlh-nvsh?

 (Do you want to work?)


Employment Opportunities

The Waa-tr’vslh-’a~ Department is holding our annual
Dee-ni’ Mvsr-xee-ye’ Wee-ya’ Lhetlh-xat
(Dee-ni’ Youth Language Camp), at Shaa-xu’-xat (Rowdy Creek Park).
The following positions are available:


  • Team Leaders- responsible for supervision of youth campers and peer leader.
  • Peer Leaders (14-19yrs of age)assist team leader, this is a great leadership training opportunity.  
  • Elder Consultants- available for sharing eminent knowledge with campers and staff.
  • Cultural Consultants- i.e., storyteller, carver, regalia maker, weaver, tule-mat maker, eel hook maker, medicine maker, hat knitter, food preserver, fishermen, Dee-ni’ historian, etc.
  • Security Guards- responsible for guarding camp during, this is a graveyard position.
  • Head Cook and Assistant Cook- plan, prepare and clean-up healthy meals and snacks for campers and camp staff. Must have current Food Handler’s Permit.
  • Fish Cook/Instructor- prepare traditional salmon dinner and conduct activity with campers.
  • Baa-shuk Ghvt-sra Cook/Instructor- prepare traditional sand bread to accompany salmon dinner and conduct activity with campers.
  • Volunteers- parents and community members are encouraged to participate.

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Tribal Members interested in becoming a tenant at our new, beautiful Chit-xu Mee-ne’ complex in Brookings, please contact the Housing & Facility Coordinator, Natalie Moss at 707-487-9255 ext. 1140, . We have some 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available. Natalie would be happy to provide a tour of the facility and give more details to interested parties.

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