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Little Bald HillsHi all,

We will be conducting the third round of restoration in the Little Bald Hills on July 30 – 31. We have about 25 folks so far, but we could take a few more if anyone is interested in joining us.

We will be hiking into the LBH (an easy 3 mile hike each way), and using hand loppers to cut small Jeffrey pine and Doug fir out of the Idaho fescue savanna along the ridge up there. This year we will be focusing on the far side of the ridge, near the USFS boundary. The way it works is that some folks cut trees (up to 2″ in diameter at the base) with loppers, and others help pile the debris, then they switch and take turns.

Some folks camp at the horse camp, Murphy Ranch, and others just come out for one or both days without camping. Our kindly friends on the trail crew will ferry our camping gear in on the ATV.

Soooo, if you’re looking to have a super fun day (or two) in the heat, hanging out with our youth crews, and your co-workers, doing some good, hard work, and best of all BEING OUTSIDE IN OUR BEAUTIFUL PARK, let Eamon and me know and we’ll add you to the list!

The National Park Service is interested in keeping the prairies open in the Little Bald Hills. If you or any members of the Smith River Rancheria are interested in participating please contact Stassia Samuels at the 707-465-7784.


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Registration form can be downloaded >>here   Veterans Summit Smith River Rancheria (2)