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In the third week of January, student ambassadors from Takata, Japan visited Del Norte County for a week as part of a cross-cultural exchange with the Del Norte community. The exchange began when a boat belonging to Takata High School was pushed across the Pacific Ocean by the 2011 Tsunami in Japan onto the beach of Crescent City.  The boat was restored by Del Norte High School Students and returned to Japan. The 2011 Tsunami completely devastated the home town and surrounding area of the Takata High Students. To continue the relationship between the two cities Takata High School Students, a diplomat and two teachers visited Del Norte County.

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Chairperson Miller, front row left, met with other California Tribal Chairs.

Chairperson Miller, front row left
met with other California Tribal Chairs.

Tribal Council Chairperson Kara Miller and Council Secretary Loren Bommelyn attended The White House Tribal Nations Conference in Washington D.C. in December 2014. Leaders from the 566 federally-recognized Native nations engaged with the President, Cabinet Officials, and the White House Council on Native American Affairs on key issues facing tribes including respecting tribal sovereignty and upholding treaty and trust responsibilities, lack of access to capital and credit, and protection Native women and youth.

Nearly half of Native American people (42 percent) are under the age of 24; more than one-third of Native children live in poverty; and Native youth have the lowest high school graduation rate of students across all schools. As part of the Conference, the White House will release a new Native Youth Report that explores the challenges facing Native youth and makes recommendations for a path forward. For the first time in these Conferences, the voice of Native youth will be represented by 36 White House Youth Ambassadors, who will join tribal leaders in the breakout sessions and panels, and participating in leadership development programming. Read more