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Thank you for your interest in employment with Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation. We employ a broad range of qualified applicants with experience for positions at our different locations. Please submit a completed application with your résumé to the Human Resources Department For details visit our Employment page.


MIS/IT Systems Administrator I - Full Time

Social Services Aide - Full Time



Welcome to The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation. We are located in Northern California amongst the Giant Redwoods. With the redwoods to the east and the mighty Pacific Ocean to our west, we live in some of the most beautiful lands that the Great Northwest has to offer. With almost thirty miles of coastline to call home, we have lived for thousands of years off of the lands, rivers, and sea. Learn more


The Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation is led by a Lhetlh-xat-ne (Tribal Council) – comprised of seven tribal members who have been elected by the general membership. Tribal Council members are: Loren Bommelyn, Chairperson; Denise Padgette, Vice Chairperson; Scott Sullivan, Secretary; Dr. Joseph Giovannetti, Treasurer; Lean Babcock-McCallum, Marvin Richards Sr, Jeri Thompson, Council members. Learn More

A list of available Tribal forms can be found here.


Tolowa Dee-ni' Language App

Tolowa Dee-ni' Language App

This application is for Apple products that can be accessed through the Apple store as a free download to your iPod, iPhone, iPad or iMac.

Tribal Family Resource Library

Tribal Family Resource Library

Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation’s Tribal Family Resource Library is excited to offer TDN Tribal Citizens throughout the United States free access to eBooks and Audiobooks through Overdrive!

Marine Toxin Monitoring

Marine Toxin Monitoring

Since September 2013, we have been submitting shellfish samples to the CDPH in Richmond for analysis and detection of naturally occurring marine toxins that will inform local and statewide health advisories and quarantines.

Sri’-srwvlh (Gilbert Creek) Community Farm

Sri’-srwvlh (Gilbert Creek) Community Farm

Volunteer and help provide our Howonquet Senior Nutrition Program with high-quality, local produce to serve and send home with our Tribal Elders!

Waa-saa-ghitlh-'a~ Wee-ni Naa-ch'aa-ghitlh-ni

Our Heritage Is Why We Are Strong

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